Klaverblad Insurance: Success Story

Klaverblad has been around for 170 years. They pride themselves in bringing a friendly and helpful service. Of course, no one wants to run into damages, but if it does happen and when you have to claim insurance, Klaverblad is really there for its customers.

Klaverblad Insurance

Klaverblad has been around for 170 years. They are a medium-sized insurance company for private non-life insurance and corporate non-life insurance and specialises in SME and the agriculture sector. They started out as insurance for farmers for all the risks they might run into within the business. This mentality of helping people still comes forward in today’s business culture. Klaverblad prides itself in bringing a friendly and helpful service. “Of course, no one wants to run into damages, but if it does happen and when you have to claim insurance, Klaverblad is really there for its customers.”


“Before Maileon we were already sending out newsletters to our 2 main target groups: our direct customers, which come directly through our website or insurance; And insurance advisers. Actually, 80% of our customers come in through an adviser, so we tended to focus our newsletter efforts on them.

At some point, we felt like updates weren’t enough, and we wanted to strengthen our communication with our target groups to really create a sustainable relationship based on value. So we connected with Springbok Agency, a digital marketing company, to build us a contact strategy that would suit us now and in five years. We quickly realised we also needed email marketing software that would keep up with our long-term plans. It was important to us that the email marketing tool would be manageable, user-friendly, quick to onboard and have a short line of communication with us, and so we landed on Maileon.”

Springbok and Maileon


“The onboarding all ran through Springbok. They helped set us up in Maileon, organised our contact lists, and created our templates, and we also did our training with them. The contact between Springbok and Maileon was very quick and accessible. Everything was straightforward and it was fast and effective. Maileon fits in perfectly with what we do now and what we want in the future. We also know the software can keep growing with us, no matter how big we get.”

You actually want all your communications to run through one stream, because then everything is conveniently together.

– Karen Passchier, Content Marketeer at Klaverblad Insurance



“We have now been using Maileon for two years. In the first year, we were still sending out occasional emails as we were building the strategy behind our email marketing approach.  Now we are really starting to use Maileon intuitively.

Our welcome campaign for direct customers has been running for a few months now. It’s running fully automated and consists of 3 mailings. The first one is already up and running, and we are now working on expanding it to mail 2 and 3. We are planning on setting up a similar welcome campaign for the insurance advisors. All part of our larger life-cycle campaign which is really starting to take shape. Our next step will be to expand our administrative communications and notifications. For example, if one of our clients’ needs to request proof of final payment from an advisor, we want to be able to send it out via automation. Achieving this would be a great milestone for us.

Maileon works very intuitively. It works very much by feel. Like, I just started clicking and playing with it and got it right away, even before any training. This is really nice for when we have new employees. Sure they get the manual, but ultimately you learn best when you start working in the platform yourself. I especially enjoy the drag & drop editor, it works so nicely. As far as I am concerned, the user-friendliness is very good within Maileon.

Maileon is helping us meet our goals. With the automation, we can get that fast reaction time our 2 target groups need, and with the reports we get from our mailings, we get a better insight into what our advisors want. This brings us one step closer to creating a sustainable relationship based on value with our target groups.”

It’s great, you are not tapping into all kinds of different systems to make them talk to each other. that’s what we were looking for.

– Karen Passchier, Content Marketeer at Klaverblad Insurance
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