Set Up Successful E-commerce Email Campaigns

E-commerce email campaigns should be a staple in the digital marketing strategy of every online business. They offer you a direct line to the customer and, if executed well, can lead to a significant increase in both customer loyalty and revenue. 

It’s no secret that: email could very well be the key to boosting your e-commerce and retail revenue. With the right approach, it could mean more (returning) customers and orders. However, for this to become a reality, you have to automate your email properly. With a few essential campaigns, you’ll experience the benefits in no time. 

E-commerce Email Flows that Convert

More than in other industries, automation is essential within e-commerce and retail. Effective flows that use smart tools and integrations increase customer engagement, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty. All without extra manual work (you’re busy enough as is). Below you’ll find the email campaigns to get you started.  

Consider the following e-commerce email campaigns:  

Welcome Flow

A new customer is always cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate then with email, in an easy and automated way. If someone buys a product from you for the first time, make sure they receive a short series of emails, for example with a personal welcome discount or other interesting offers. This flow is also a good moment to start with some data enrichment. Ask new customers to complete their profile, so you will immediately gain valuable customer information for future flows or campaigns.  

Attention! An average person receives a whole stack of emails daily. A good welcome flow stands out because of a friendly tone and an attractive (not overwhelming) template. 

Abandoned Cart Automation

We all know them: the abandoned cart emails. Love or hate them, but can’t deny they work. With an attention-grabbing reminder, you can ensure that a large part of the doubters end up hitting that ‘order’ button. You’ll create an extra effective flow by directly lowering the threshold that (potential) customers experience. Think of temporarily no shipping costs or a next day delivery if they order the item before 5.  

Attention! A single abandoned cart email is already extremely valuable, but a series of 3 emails is even more effective. So start with an automation of 3 emails (for example: after 1 hour, after 1 day, after 2 days) and expand to 5 emails if necessary. More than that quickly becomes too much and can be perceived as annoying by the recipient. 


Cross- & Upsell Campaign

Our customers are invaluable, and there’s a fantastic way to show them some extra love—through a clever cross- and upsell campaign that’ll not only make their day but boost your orders too! Picture this: relevance, perfect timing, and a personal touch. It’s the winning combo. So, let’s dive into the magic of segmentation, offering those must-have extras right when they’re most likely to say yes, based on their past orders and interests. And hey, don’t forget the cherry on top—a sprinkle of personalised discounts! 

Think of a cross-/upsell email campaign as your secret weapon to guide customers towards products that’ll elevate their experience. By tailoring suggestions to their previous purchases and interests, you’re not just making a sale; you’re helping them uncover exciting new options. It’s all about creating a journey that leads to larger, more exciting transactions.  

Attention! When automating a cross- and upsell campaign, don’t lose sight of the human touch. Make sure, for example, that customers can easily get in touch with the right contact person or sales representative, through email or by phone. 


Aftersales and/or Support Flow

The aftersales or support campaign goes beyond the final sale. By providing relevant information, tips for use, maintenance instructions, and even customer service support, you can build a sustainable relationship. This shows that you’re not only interested in the sale but also in providing a positive and customer-focused experience after the purchase.  

Attention! When a product is sold, you often already know what the lifecycle of that product is. So tailor your flow based on this lifecycle and look at elements such as maintenance, necessary additions, and more.

E-commerce email campaigns offer you a direct line to the customer and, if executed well, can lead to a significant increase in both customer loyalty and revenue. 

Back in Stock Automation 

You’re just about to place an order, but then there’s the bad news: the item you’ve chosen is out of stock. A lost order is one too many, but thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a permanent loss. With a well-timed and personalised email, you ensure that the order can be placed again at the right moment. This way, you bring the desired product back to mind, create urgency, and prevent loss of revenue. ‘Back in stock’ flows are therefore indispensable, both for B2C and B2B.  

Attention! Customer-specific data is valuable, but especially within the financial sector, it is also a sensitive topic. So proceed with care and don’t share unnecessary personal information. 


Reactivation Flow

In addition to a cross- and upsell flow, a reactivation campaign is also an effective way to get existing customers to purchase more. Has a customer not purchased anything for a while? Make sure you catch their attention again. Discounts often work very well here, but it’s certainly not the only way to reactivate a customer. How about a personalised email full of new items in their favourite product category? Or other interesting and relevant news they may have missed in the meantime? As long as it’s relevant, personal, and desired, a reactivation campaign is worth it.  

Attention! A reactivation flow is aimed at waking up dormant contacts. But not everyone is or will (still) be interested. So give recipients an easy way to let this know, so you don’t keep emailing them unwantedly.


Birthday Campaign

Another good moment for a celebration with your customer is their birthday. It’s one of the easiest flows to set up, but that’s certainly not the only reason why it’s so popular. It’s an accessible way to create a bit of customer bonding. Often this also goes hand in hand with reactivation and loyalty, and in many cases also (indirectly) leads to a purchase. Win-win-win.  

Attention! This is the flow that can be extra personal, accessible, and even playful. So the template for this email can stand out. 

Loyalty Campaign 

Building customer loyalty is crucial for long-term success. This campaign rewards devoted customers with discounts, access to new collections, and points for rewards. These email campaigns strengthen customer relationships, promote repeat purchases, and increase customer satisfaction. With a personal, targeted flow, you’ll engage customers and ensure they become brand ambassadors.  

Attention! Customers remain loyal for various reasons. Start with a basic strategy and use data enrichment to understand what is important for loyalty (or why someone would leave). This allows for better segmentation and relevant campaigns. 


Start Your E-commerce Email Campaign Today  

Now it’s time to take the leap and elevate your e-commerce email campaigns. With the right campaigns and a bit of creativity, you can make a huge improvement in how customers perceive your brand. Start small, experiment, and optimise along the way. And remember: it’s all about relevance and a personal touch. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take that first step today and begin building relationships that not only increase revenue but also turn customers into true fans of your brand. Want to learn more about email marketing in e-commerce, download our free e-commerce whitepaper.

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