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Engage and activate your audience, without losing sight of privacy & security.   

Marketing automation for government & education

Working in an educational or governmental organisation, you’re focused on providing information and sharing knowledge. Whether you’re a school or university informing current and future students, or a community keeping everybody updated on the latest developments. With that comes responsibility, and data. A lot of data.  

Data that falls under different faculties, departments, or other segmentations. All these different departments often have their own stakeholders, decision-making processes and channels of internal communication. And then there’s the question of strict privacy & security requirements and regulations.

This makes starting with or switching from (email) marketing automation systems quite the challenge.


Privacy-friendly & secure platform

Maileon is used by different organisations active in Education & Government. One of the most important reasons being the possibilities regarding privacy.  

The German roots of our software ensure that the highest levels of privacy regulations are always being met. With Maileon as your main communication platform, you’re able to track data anonymously. And it’s easy to connect with your identity providers and SSO platforms.  

We would certainly recommend Maileon for its user-friendliness, different tracking levels and the extensive rights and roles structure.

– Utrecht University

Align internally through extensive rights & roles

The extensive rights & role management makes Maileon a favourite pick amongst different organisational stakeholders. This feature makes it easy for multiple departments to use the same platform, all with access to their own set of functionalities and rights. 

Make real use of existing data

When you have the amount of data that most educational & governmental companies have, it’s a shame not to use this data. However, it’s also important that this happens in a way that’s safe, secure and follows all the privacy regulations.  

Anonymised tracking allows you to experience all the benefits of personalising your communication, analysing the results, and optimising accordingly.  

Stay within budget

A great solution for your industry isn’t meant to cost you an arm and a leg. Especially for organisations within education & government, a good platform is essential. But if it’s too expensive, chances are the necessary budget won’t be approved. 

That’s why our pricing isn’t sky-high, and why you don’t have to pay extra per user. Making it the platform that fits your needs and budget.  

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