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Frontis, a full-service digital agency, works as a strategic partner for B2B companies, particularly in the manufacturing industry. ‘We devise, create and optimize digital solutions that contribute to efficient operations, targeted digital marketing and smart online sales at (manufacturing) companies in the region. This includes customer portals, online links and configurators to sell complex products online, but also digital marketing to increase online visibility. We have a team of 40 professionals and merged with Perplex from Arnhem since 2022, doubling our knowledge, expertise and manpower. ‘ Explains Anton Pieterson, who is a digital marketer at Frontis.

How did we come to collaborate with Maileon?

“Our choice for Maileon came after a thorough reseach. The platform fits our needs and those of our clients perfectly. While investigating, one of the important questions we asked ourselves was: ‘What do we consider important in terms of user-friendliness’? Other questions we asked were:

  • Does Maileon fit us as a company?
  • Does Maileon fit with our client’s needs?
  • Will Maileon possess the functionalities our clients are looking for?
  • Is it a secure and GDPR-compliant platform?

We certainly appreciated the functionality, professionalism and personal contact. Maileon scored high in our analysis and was clearly the right choice.”

A partnership that works together.

“Frontis acts as the link between Maileon and our clients. We make sure we are accessible to our clients and if they have questions about Maileon or email marketing, they can contact us. We solve the relatively simple issues directly ourselves. For larger and more complex questions, we reach out to Maileon’s support department.

The speed and quality of Maileon’s support department are impressive. It feels like working with a colleague to tackle and brainstorm solutions. The personal contact together with the commitment from Maileon, has strengthened our cooperation.

Looking at Maileon’s diverse functionalities, we use the email editor, automation flows and the ability to use contact fields for personalised emails the most. Maileon’s intuitive API enables seamless integrations with our websites and those of our clients.”

A successful campaign.

“ We successfully partnered with Kingspan Insulated Panels for an extensive webinar campaign, where Maileon played a crucial role in reaching the right audience with personalised information. The campaign spanned multiple channels and phases, including “awareness,” “consideration,” and “decision”. In each phase, we targeted an increasingly interested audience. The campaign included 5 webinars in the Netherlands and 3 in Belgium, with different target groups and a complex setup.

The main goal was to stimulate conversion to registrations for one or more webinars, which was also the starting point for the automation flow. This flow was relatively complex, as it had to provide all participants with the right information at the right time around the right webinar, all personalised.

Maileon played an important role in this. Despite some challenges, we achieved excellent results. We not only met but exceeded the set goal, leading the client to consider this a very successful campaign. This is one of our first major successes with Maileon. ”

“Partnering with Maileon was an excellent choice!”

– Anton Pieterson, a digital marketer at Frontis

“Meanwhile, we work for various clients in Maileon, ranging from periodic newsletters, where we mainly provide technical support and not so much in content creation. But also clients requesting content support both in regular newsletters and in automation flows. The intuitive nature allows clients to work by themselves, and our support is experienced as pleasant. Maileon is often compared with better-known alternatives, and the feedback is that Maileon is much more pleasant to work with. The fact that we have short lines of communication and access to Dutch support is perceived as very positive.

Email marketing was relatively in its infancy with us a few years ago. Through the partnership with Maileon and our own efforts from Frontis, email marketing is now a mature service that we also offer to our clients. Maileon has certainly contributed to this.”

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