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Every company is different, which is why we offer the unique flexibility to adapt the product. How to decide what’s best for your needs? Well, it helps to see how similar companies to yours are using this platform. Here you can have a look at the wide range of industries that use Maileon to achieve their marketing success.


Education & Government

Clear, privacy-friendly communication. Engage and activate your audience, without losing sight of privacy & security. Learn more about how Maileon is the best Marketing software for in the Education & Government industries.


Finance & Insurance

Reach customers safely and correctly. Real-time, effective, and completely safe & secure communication. Read more on the adaptability of the Maileon marketing software in the finance and insurance industries.



Reach your entire audience. Dynamic, personalised & trackable content. Through feeds and more. Follow in the steps of some of our biggest partners and clients and see how Maileon marketing software adapts to the publishing industry.


Sports & Leisure

Build and engage your community. Reach your existing community and build new audiences. Discover how Maileon marketing software can help you create a complete picture.


E-commerce & Retail

Drive revenue growth through smart (re-)activations, abandoned cart campaigns & real-time communication. Integrate Maileon with your webshop or other marketing tools to give you full oversight on your client data, and take educated action.


B2B business

You need a solution that allows for easy contact and connection with your customers at a cost-effective price. Build trust and loyal relationships with other businesses and get your name and brand out there today.

Quotes from partners & clients

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Reisen Aktuell

In Maileon, we have found the right sparring partner working closely with us to achieve our ambitious goals. Short lines of communication and direct contact, the flexible user interface, and the possibility to jointly develop and implement customized solutions lay the foundation of achieving those goals. We happily recommend Maileon to those with similar aspirations.

– Franziska Ganz, Online Marketing
Offspring Media

We experience the cooperation with Maileon as pleasant. Short lines of communication, swift action, proactive thinking. Their years of experience are noticeable and ensure a good collaboration. We have already recommended Maileon to various clients and relations.

– Mathijs Visser, Co-founder
Joule Performance

With Maileon, we were able to reorganise our entire email marketing much faster than expected and noticeably reduce the workload. In addition to the extremely simple and powerful shop integrations and the comprehensive functions of design and automation, the fast, competent and customer-oriented support is a real highlight.

– Laura Evers, Content Marketing Manager
De Hypotheker

We are happy to recommend Maileon as an ESP because they listen well and think along with you. It is also their goal to achieve our goals. They are true sparring partnerseasy to contact directly, friendly and true experts.

– Marcia Merenciana, Data analyst

The cooperation with Maileon is very good. Together with our Maileon contact person, we have developed/elaborated and implemented great projects. Requests are handled quickly, friendly and competently. Maileon is very user-friendly and ideas can be implemented easily and independently for the most part.

– Lena Schikowski
Utrecht University

We find the cooperation with Maileon very pleasant. Questions are dealt with quickly and Maileon is open to our wishes. We would certainly recommend Maileon for its user-friendliness, different tracking levels and the extensive rights and roles structure.

– Erik Roelofs, Online Consultant
Frankfurter Buchmesse

We have been using Maileon for our email marketing for many years. With the user-friendly platform, extensive templates and excellent support, we increase our email marketing success effectively and efficiently.

– Rebekka Buss, Content Manager
Vote Company

I would certainly recommend Maileon to ambitious parties with a slightly larger volume: Maileon is user-friendly and customisation is possible.

– Wilfred Romijn, Co-founder
ELV Elektronik

Maileon is a cost-effective solution for our email marketing needs. We have achieved a higher ROI while improving our customer retention.

– Martin Möhlmann, Online Marketing Manager

We will definitely recommend Maileon to other companies. Firstly, because of the system. It is really nice to work with, you can build good emails in the editor. You always get a quick response when you send an e-mail or give them a call, they always return your call. In addition, they like to think along with you. So we really recommend everyone to work with Maileon.

– Jelle van den Berg, Marketing Automation Specialist
Klambt Verlag

As a publisher, it is very important for us to be in close contact with our users. Thanks to Maileon, we can now create professional newsletters that appeal to them and bind them to the respective title.

– Holger Brand, Online Marketing Manager

Companies working with Maileon

Companies working with Maileon

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