Easy segmentation for optimal engagement

Don’t just aim for good open and click rates, and hope for the best. Send the right people the right content, and proactively optimise your marketing results.

Reach the right people 

Segmentation is a powerful way to get the right content to the right people. When you segment your audience, you’re dividing your target list into smaller groups based on demographics, interests or activity. Allowing you to deliver personalised content to your database, which in turn leads to increased engagement and conversion rates.


Re-engage inactive subscribers

Start re-engaging inactive subscribers and customers by offering them personalised offers, discounts or promotions. Send quizzes, interactive e-mails or sweepstakes they can participate in.

Offer them a clear call to action, make it fun and inviting, and before you know it you’ve won back the attention of valuable contacts.

Complex segmentation made simple, with Maileon

Maileon software enables deep and complex segmentation in a simple, user-friendly way. Marketers can apply complex database filters without specific knowledge of SQL. Filters can be applied in different ways, tailored to your needs. Segmentation does not only work for e-mail addressee lists but also dynamic content, custom or comparative reports or exports.

Improved deliverability and engagement

Segmentation is a useful tool to improve deliverability. As spam filters consider subscriber engagement when filtering out emails, separating your regulars from the (potential) inactive audience will improve deliverability overall. Segmenting by demographics, buyer behaviour or online activity helps to focus the content for specific audiences.

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