Maileon vs Emarsys

It’s not really about finding the best (email) marketing automation software out there, it’s about finding the one that best suits your company and goals.

That’s why you’ll find the comparison of the agency-friendly solution Maileon vs. Emarsys here. To help you make the right choice, we have listed the main differences in campaign management, marketing automation, transactions, integrations, and data privacy below.

Maileon vs Emarsys: Full Comparison

Maileon or Emarsys? Unsure which one to choose?
Check out the features, strengths and weaknesses of Emarsys & Maileon below and find out the best newsletter tool for your email marketing. For fast navigation through the relevant topics, you can use the table of contents:

1. Campaign Management

In the category of campaign management, both systems offer extensive options for planning, designing and creating your newsletter campaigns. Additionally, through Maileon’s RSS feed function and the ability to create interactive AMP and drip campaigns, you can use personalised content to increase your customer engagement. To improve the user experience of your recipients, you can also create your own customised landing pages for your campaigns and host and manage them within Maileon. Furthermore, our event calendar gives you detailed insights into international events and holidays that can be used as inspiration for future campaigns. Also, Maileon offers 100% customisation and full flexibility for agencies including template building & intuitive customer management.


Newsletter Drag & Drop Editor
AI Text Generator
Template Library
Recommendation Engine
A/B Testing
Email Personalisation
Send time optimisation
Interactive AMP campaign
Drip Campaigns
Event Calendar
Image Personalisation
Coupon generation and management
Darkmode optimisation
QR code generator
Landing Page Editor
Email Client Testing

Track Lifecycle Phases with our Custom Reportings

As an omnichannel platform, Maileon offers comprehensive options for reaching out to your customers automatically at every touchpoint along the entire customer journey. With numerous integrations, unlimited automation workflows, and SMS dispatch within your automation workflow, you can create complex, cross-channel automation for an impressive customer experience.

2. Marketing Automation

For your marketing automation, Maileon and Emarsys offer a versatile automation editor that allows you to create automations in just a few steps using drag & drop. With unlimited workflows, Maileon also offers the option of creating customised and more extensive automations. Furthermore, Maileon and Emarsys also allow you to integrate app and web push and SMS into your marketing automation.


Drag & drop marketing automation editor
Unlimited number of workflows
Branching workflows Time-based automations
SMS marketing
Behaviour-based automations
Lead scoring
Custom workflows
App und web push

Build Omnichannel Automations with speed and agility

As an omnichannel platform, Maileon offers comprehensive options for reaching out to your customers automatically at every touchpoint along the entire customer journey. With numerous integrations, unlimited automation workflows, and SMS dispatch within your automation workflow, you can create complex, cross-channel automation for an impressive customer experience.

3. Transactions

Both systems offer a trigger email editor that allows you to easily create and send transactional emails such as invoice or order confirmation. Both systems are providing the option of individual placeholders that allow you to personalise your transactional emails extensively. Using Maileon’s RSS feed module, you can also automatically fill your newsletter with valuable content from your website.


Transaction emails
Trigger Email Editor
RSS Feed Trigger emails

Patented High-Speed Deliverability for your Campaigns

Benefit from first-class delivery rates for your newsletter campaigns and transactional emails with Maileon’s patented high-speed email marketing technology. In addition, our intern deliverability team monitors all delivery processes and performs daily IP optimisations to continuously improve your sender score.

4. Integrations & APIs

Maileon and Emarsys impress with a large number of integrations. Both systems offer an integration for e-commerce, customer relationship management, customer data platforms, and print services. Both tools also support webhooks.


E-commerce systems
REST API and API Calls

Connect Maileon with individual In-House Software

Maileon’s impressive range of integration options provides optimal support for building your customer loyalty on and off-page and generating new conversions. In addition to over 140 standard integrations in the areas of shop systems, CMS, CRM, analytics & tracking, CDP and more, Maileon also offers the option of developing custom integrations for your own in-house software.

5. Privacy, Security & Deliverability

In contrast to Emarsys, Maileon has a server location exclusively in Germany. Maileon also covers comprehensive aspects of user security and offers user tracking that can be deactivated. Thanks to the option of multiple DOI processes and different consent levels, any number of double opt-in mails can also be created in both systems in order to optimally map your authorisation procedure in just one account. Both Maileon and Emarsys have a dedicated deliverability team.


Data Center in Germany
Option to disable user tracking at an individual level
Roles and rights adjustable at a detailed level
Multiple DOI processes
2-factor identification
Different consent levels
Automatic spam trap detection
Dedicated deliverability team

Best-In-Class Delivery Rates & GDPR Compliance

With numerous certifications, including from the CSA, DDV, ISPA and ECO, Maileon offers an all-in-one email marketing solution that is 100% compliant with data protection regulations (GDPR).
In addition, the experienced Maileon service team provides excellent customer support and looks forward to helping you achieve your individual goals.

6. Summary

Maileon is especially convincing in the categories of campaign management and privacy & security because of its comprehensive options and functions. In addition, the uncomplicated creation, monitoring, and management of newsletters or extensive marketing automations allows you to create and extend customised and automated campaigns for an ideal customer journey.

*The online research was done in february 2024, without guarantee of completeness or up-to-dateness.

Quotes from partners & clients

What our users are saying

Reisen Aktuell

In Maileon, we have found the right sparring partner working closely with us to achieve our ambitious goals. Short lines of communication and direct contact, the flexible user interface, and the possibility to jointly develop and implement customized solutions lay the foundation of achieving those goals. We happily recommend Maileon to those with similar aspirations.

– Franziska Ganz, Online Marketing
Offspring Media

We experience the cooperation with Maileon as pleasant. Short lines of communication, swift action, proactive thinking. Their years of experience are noticeable and ensure a good collaboration. We have already recommended Maileon to various clients and relations.

– Mathijs Visser, Co-founder
Joule Performance

With Maileon, we were able to reorganise our entire email marketing much faster than expected and noticeably reduce the workload. In addition to the extremely simple and powerful shop integrations and the comprehensive functions of design and automation, the fast, competent and customer-oriented support is a real highlight.

– Laura Evers, Content Marketing Manager
De Hypotheker

We are happy to recommend Maileon as an ESP because they listen well and think along with you. It is also their goal to achieve our goals. They are true sparring partnerseasy to contact directly, friendly and true experts.

– Marcia Merenciana, Data analyst

The cooperation with Maileon is very good. Together with our Maileon contact person, we have developed/elaborated and implemented great projects. Requests are handled quickly, friendly and competently. Maileon is very user-friendly and ideas can be implemented easily and independently for the most part.

– Lena Schikowski
Utrecht University

We find the cooperation with Maileon very pleasant. Questions are dealt with quickly and Maileon is open to our wishes. We would certainly recommend Maileon for its user-friendliness, different tracking levels and the extensive rights and roles structure.

– Erik Roelofs, Online Consultant
Frankfurter Buchmesse

We have been using Maileon for our email marketing for many years. With the user-friendly platform, extensive templates and excellent support, we increase our email marketing success effectively and efficiently.

– Rebekka Buss, Content Manager
Vote Company

I would certainly recommend Maileon to ambitious parties with a slightly larger volume: Maileon is user-friendly and customisation is possible.

– Wilfred Romijn, Co-founder
ELV Elektronik

Maileon is a cost-effective solution for our email marketing needs. We have achieved a higher ROI while improving our customer retention.

– Martin Möhlmann, Online Marketing Manager

We will definitely recommend Maileon to other companies. Firstly, because of the system. It is really nice to work with, you can build good emails in the editor. You always get a quick response when you send an e-mail or give them a call, they always return your call. In addition, they like to think along with you. So we really recommend everyone to work with Maileon.

– Jelle van den Berg, Marketing Automation Specialist
Klambt Verlag

As a publisher, it is very important for us to be in close contact with our users. Thanks to Maileon, we can now create professional newsletters that appeal to them and bind them to the respective title.

– Holger Brand, Online Marketing Manager
Bjorn van Breeman giving or presenting a demo

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