Product update: New image editor in Maileon

In the world of email marketing, we are constantly looking for ways to make our communication more efficient, more personal but also easier. That’s why we at Maileon are excited to introduce our latest feature: the image editor.

This tool is designed to make your life as an (email) marketer or communications specialist a lot easier.

What can you expect with the new image editor?

Imagine this: you’ve put together the perfect email, but when uploading it and placing it in your email you realise that the image just doesn’t quite fit. Or that one of the visuals is missing a logo. Depending on your situation, you then have to go back to the design team or work on it yourself in an external program. This can now go a lot easier.

With the new image editor in Maileon, you can:

  • Crop images directly in the drag & drop editor
  • Add your logo for consistent branding
  • Add text to your visuals
  • And much more…

All this without having to leave the Maileon platform. The result? A more efficient process where you can make adjustments quickly and easily, so your emails always look spot-on.


Why is this important?

Of course, an e-mail does not only consist of words. Images ensures that your emails are not only more appealing, but also better aligned with your message and branding.

Here are some benefits at a glance:

Flexibility: Last-minute changes are no longer a problem.
Saves time: No more going back and forth between different programmes.
Ease of use: An intuitive interface accessible to everyone.
Consistency: Easily apply your branding to all visuals.

Your e-mails should be seen, and with this new feature you make sure they are not only seen, but also remembered.


How to get started?

Are you ready to take your email marketing to the next level? If you use Maileon, you can use the image editor right now already, all you have to do is insert an image.

Not using Maileon yet and curious? Get a demo and experience the ease and efficiency for yourself.

Watch the tutorial

Curious how the image editor actually works? Watch the tutorial, and you’ll see how simple it really is.

Maileon automation software shown on laptop

Want to know more?

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