Case: BAS World

“BAS World is a global commercial vehicle and machinery trading company. Our advanced online platform makes it easy for customers to view, compare and buy vehicles, complete with e-commerce functionalities such as online payments and comprehensive online product display.”

Who are we?

” In addition, to our advanced online platform, we offer technical advice and market analysis to help customers make informed decisions. With these services, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all commercial vehicle and machinery needs.

We once started as a traditional trading company, but then about three years ago, we launched a platform through which new and used vehicles and machinery can be offered and bought worldwide. This was also the moment we went from BAS Trucks to BAS World. Last year, we actually sold as many as 10,000 vehicles and machines. So we have been growing quite a bit and are working hard to grow even more. ”

“Our head office has about 425 employees, and about 100 are in marketing, e-commerce, and IT. Together we all work hard on the success of our platform.

A lot of wheels are turning to make this happen. In fact, BAS World offers a wide range of services focused on selling and buying commercial vehicles and machinery. We sell both new and used: trucks, trailers and various machines such as excavators and wheel loaders. We also help customers with financing and leasing options when purchasing vehicles, while our transport and logistics services ensure worldwide delivery and customs clearance. In our extensive workshop facilities, we carry out maintenance and repairs and offer spare parts and accessories.

As you can see managing all this involves quite a lot, not least in terms of marketing and communication.

Hi, I’m Yoni Liebrecht, email marketer at BAS World, and I’d like to take you through our email marketing journey. We have a very comprehensive email marketing approach; from our various mailings to our automation flows. But it hasn’t always been this way. ”


The switch to Maileon

The need for an ESP

“When I started at BAS World three years ago, we were sending emails through an ERP system we had built in-house. However, this system did not offer the comprehensive functionalities we needed for effective email marketing. For example, we had no insight into unique opens and clicks, which is essential for optimising our campaigns. It soon became clear that we needed a professional email service provider (ESP).”


The choice that led to Maileon

“After comparing several ESPs, we opted for Maileon. What particularly appealed to us was that we were not obliged to transfer all our data to an external system. This was an important factor for our IT department, as we have many systems in-house. Maileon offered us the flexibility to keep part of our data in-house, which was a key deciding factor for us.”

“In addition, we appreciated the extensive automation capabilities offered by Maileon. The platform allows us to set up sophisticated email campaigns with dynamic content and behaviour-based segmentation, which has significantly improved our marketing efforts.

Moreover, Maileon provides us with detailed insights into our recipients’ behaviour. We can exactly see how many recipients open and click on our emails, and link this data to sessions in Google Analytics. All in all, Maileon offered us the perfect mix of flexibility, functionality and support.”

Onboarding and implementation

Independent roll-out

“We chose to do the roll-out of Maileon ourselves, rather than working with an agency. This was possible thanks to our knowledgeable IT department and the good communication with the Maileon team. The Maileon team was always on standby for support, which was super nice. Also, our developers could communicate directly with Maileon’s developers in Germany for more technical questions.”

Training and support

“Although we did not undergo extensive training during onboarding, we were able to find out a lot on our own. Later on, we did attend training sessions which were very useful and revealed that we were already using many of Maileon’s capabilities, sometimes even more than we had expected from ourselves. In the meantime, Maileon also offers online training courses, which is a valuable addition for new customers. We ourselves have also attended more advanced training courses from Maileon, online and at their offices, to expand our knowledge.”

Utilising Maileon

Automation and personalisation

“We make extensive use of marketing automation flows in Maileon. We currently have 59 flows up and running, where we communicate with our customers in 17 languages. This makes our email marketing very efficient and personalised. Because of the automation, we already save 55 hours a week of manual work within one department.”


Inventory updates and discount offers

“One of Maileon’s most successful applications is the automation of inventory updates and discounts. By using automated emails specifically tailored to our customer’s interests and needs, we can keep them informed of new stock and price reductions that match their preferences and purchase history. This not only increases the relevance of our communications but also the likelihood of customers taking action based on the information received.

What makes this extra special is that we are not a typical e-commerce shop. Our products are large, expensive and costly, which significantly increases the complexity of this approach. Nevertheless, this personalised content generated 9000 extra website visitors every month, certainly contributing to higher conversion rates.”

Because of the automation, we have now already saved 55 hours a week of manual work within one department. That is, of course, quite a lot.

– Yoni Liebrecht, email marketer at BAS World

Commercial and branding emails

“We distinguish two types of commercial emails: vehicle-related commercial emails and branding emails. Vehicle-related commercial emails are aimed at specific target groups and contain information about new inventory or discount deals.

Branding emails focus more on strengthening our brand and informing customers about the features of our platform. Although vehicle-related commercial mails have higher engagement rates, both types of mails are essential to our strategy. Besides these commercial emails, we also send transactional emails.”



Results and insights

Concrete results

“Thanks to Maileon, we now have a solid foundation for our email marketing. We can accurately measure the percentage of recipients who open and click our emails, and we can even measure the sessions that come in via Google Analytics. All of which allows us to continuously optimise and run A/B tests.”


Favourite features

“One of my favourite features in Maileon is the ability to see at an individual level which emails have been sent and the engagement on them. The ability to bundle individual campaigns and run the export on engagement rate is also very valuable. This helps us get a clear overview of the performance of our campaigns.”

In conclusion

“Maileon has helped us take our email marketing to the next level. The flexibility, automation and personalisation options have saved us a lot of time and increased efficiency.

Automating inventory updates and discounts through Maileon has not only led to a significant increase in website traffic and conversions but has also helped us optimise our marketing processes and make them more effective. It is one of the many ways Maileon supports us in achieving our business goals and improving customer satisfaction.

With Maileon, we have found a reliable partner that supports us in achieving our e-mail marketing goals. We are excited about the future and the opportunities ahead of us.”

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