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Connect Oxid and Maileon through integration.

About Oxid

The Oxid software is a modular shop system that is suitable for small businesses as well as for medium and large companies. Since the shop system has a large number of integrations, it can be adapted and expanded as desired. In addition, various functions such as customer ratings can be integrated via third-party plug-ins. Oxid supports several languages, which means that an international online presence can also be guaranteed. Furthermore, the tool scores with a clear checkout process with many payment options in different currencies.

Advantages of integrating with Oxid

Through integration, you benefit from a variety of cross-system options that help you build customer loyalty and generate new conversions. Once linked, new signups are seamlessly transferred to Maileon using our privacy-compliant signup forms and are available for your marketing efforts. Then, in just a few clicks, personalised and transactional mailings with targeted offers can be set up and sent to your customers. Maileon also provides an optimal basis for evaluating your campaigns. With our detailed real-time campaign reporting, you can always monitor your email marketing campaigns.


An overview the benefits

  • Easy configuration & synchronisation
  • Automatic synchronisation of your contact data
  • GDPR-compliant and detailed contact data transfer
  • Personalisation according customer’s preferences through the recommendation engine
  • Optimal deliverability through certified servers in Germany
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