Ecwid & Maileon: Connect now

An overview of the benefits

  • Simple & fast configuration
  • Automatic synchronisation of your newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • Send transaction-related emails, such as order confirmations or cart abandonment reminders
  • Smart content through to the RSS feed function
  • Optimal deliverability through certified servers located in Germany

Ecwid & Maileon

Through the integration with Ecwid, your newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions are automatically synchronised with Maileon. This allows you to easily manage and maintain your contact data. Your previous contact database can also be integrated into Maileon in just a few steps. After a successful setup and configuration, you will not only benefit from the automatic contact transfer, but also from the options to send double opt-in confirmations and transaction emails such as order confirmations or shopping cart abandonments directly from the Maileon tool. This allows you to send automated reminder to shopping cart abandoners to significantly increase the chances of conversion. Through the RSS feed function, you also have the advantage of automatically enriching your newsletters and marketing automation with valuable content from your website, such as the latest articles.

Connect Ecwid & Maileon

If you have any questions about the Ecwid integration, our team will be happy to help and support you with further information.

About Ecwid

Ecwid is a powerful shop system that offers useful tools and functions for the intuitive creation and management of online shops without design and technical knowledge.
Ecwid is fast and easy to set up and offers a comprehensive range of functions that meet all the requirements of an online shop. In addition, the user-friendly e-commerce solution can be easily integrated into any website. The platform is perfect for small online shops, as it does not charge transaction fees for sales.

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