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An overview of the benefits

  • Simple & fast configuration
  • Integration of customised surveys in your newsletters
  • Automatic synchronisation of customer feedback into the Simplesat dashboard
  • Customised email campaigns & marketing automation
  • Detailed online tracking options for engagement evaluation

Simplesat & Maileon

Through the Simplesat integration, you can easily and fast create customised surveys in your Simplesat system, which you can then embed directly in Maileon in your newsletter campaigns. As a result, you can collect and analyse your customers’ feedback, needs and wishes through customer satisfaction surveys in order to continuously optimise and improve your products or services. Also it is possible to use surveys within your newsletter to increase customer loyalty and retention in the long term. The results of the surveys embedded in Maileon are transferred directly to your Simplesat dashboard and can be collected and analysed immediately. Furthermore, Maileon provides you with numerous reporting options for your newsletter campaigns in order to monitor the effectiveness of your email marketing activities through relevant key performance indicators.

Connect Simplesat & Maileon verbinden

If you have any questions about the Simplesat integration, our team will be happy to help and support you with further information.

About Simplesat

Simplesat is a user-friendly customer feedback management platform, that helps businesses collect and analyse feedback from their customers. It offers features such as customisable surveys, NPS, CSAT, survey notifications, individual dashboards and much more. With Simplesat, businesses can gain insights into customer satisfaction & loyalty and identify opportunities to improve customer engagement. You can enhance your website conversions further by incorporating positive testimonials as social proof.

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