5 steps to finding your (email) marketing partner

Navigating the world of email marketing can sometimes feel like trying to find your way through a maze. You know you need to enhance your game, reach more inboxes, and ultimately, grow your revenue. But with a sea of options and strategies out there, where do you even begin? Let’s dive into how you can find the perfect email marketing partner to match your ambitions and transcend channels.

What is a marketing partner?

A marketing partner, often referred to as an agency, expert or consultant, is an external entity dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals. Whether you’re looking for expertise in a specific industry or need assistance with a particular marketing tool, such as email marketing, there’s likely an agency out there for you. For instance, Kotak marketing agency, one of our many marketing partners, excels in data management within the digital marketing umbrella. Or Bikkelhart a digital marketing agency focused on everything from design to online sales.

But what if you’re unsure about the next best marketing move for your business? Fear not, as marketing partners are also adept at analysing your business needs and proposing actionable strategies. This could range from developing a plan for you to implement to having the agency execute the strategy on your behalf.

Why might you need a marketing partner?

Not everyone has a marketing guru on their team or a marketing specialist for each marketing tool e.g. in the email marketing, and that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes, the smartest move is to look outside your organisation for that technical expertise, the extra manpower or a brainstorming buddy. Whatever the reason, this is where a marketing partner comes into play. They bring to the table what you might be missing – a blend of experience, innovation, and a fresh perspective. An external perspective can pinpoint what’s going awry, especially if you’ve been trying to hit your targets but keep missing.



Finding the Perfect Match


1. Always start with a plan

Before you jump into the deep end, it’s crucial to do some pre-work. Know your goals inside out. What do you want to achieve with your email marketing efforts? How does this fit into your broader marketing strategy? Clarity here will guide your conversations with potential partners. You don’t need to necessarily have all the answers, but you do need to understand your issues. Saying you want to bring in more leads is too vague, come up with a SMART objective: 5 additional qualified leads per month.

2. Be clear on your budget

The budget is often last on our wish list. We want all our problems fixed, money is not a concern. Yet, in the realm of marketing, your budget significantly influences the feasibility of your plans. If you look at the grand scheme of things, of course, a giant billboard in Times Square will attract a lot of attention but is that the best course of action on your restricted budget? Probably not. Being transparent about your budget plans enables your prospective marketing partner to maximise your investment. Should they find your budget too restrictive, it’s probably best to continue your search.


3. Consider going industry-specific

While many marketing agencies boast a broad spectrum of industry expertise, you’ll likely discover that they harbour a preference for specific sectors. They might not have picked it themselves, but the clientele speaks for itself. However, make sure you fit into their preferred business type (B2B, small business or e-commerce); you don’t want to be their first on all accounts.

Partnering with an agency that possesses a deep understanding of your industry can offer significant advantages. For instance, if your business operates within the sports sector, collaborating with a partner like KORE, known for its prowess in data management and fan engagement, could prove highly beneficial. Or if your sector is in manufacturing the full-service digital marketing agency Frontis will understand all your pain points.

Agencies like theirs build on the intimate knowledge of your industry’s challenges and audience to accelerate your marketing efforts. However, if you opt for a generalist agency, which can be just as advantageous, be prepared to contribute your industry insights to the partnership.


4. Is there a click?

Now, it’s time to set up conversations with potential partners. Dive deep with your questions and don’t hold back. Look at their portfolio – have they managed projects similar to what you envision? And never underestimate the power of chemistry. Compatibility is key; ensure there’s a good rapport between you and your prospective partner, as a strong working relationship is fundamental to the success of your campaigns. Don’t overlook the importance of checking reviews. They can offer invaluable insights into what working with a particular agency is truly like.

You don’t need to necessarily have all the answers, but you do need to understand your issues.

5. Check with your provider

If you’re already utilizing a great email marketing automation platform like Maileon, you might not want to switch. Instead of navigating through the vast sea of information (aka the web), consider tapping straight to the source: us. You’ve chosen Maileon for its effectiveness and user-friendly experience, and it’s worth exploring partnerships with marketing experts who are already well-versed in its features. I promise you we will be able to recommend you the best partner based on your wants. For those in search of a digital marketing agency that excels in crafting customer journeys and boasts an international reach, Springbok Agency could be the ideal match. Or, if your needs lean more towards strategic consultation, Michiel Bomingar offers the expertise you’re looking for.

This advice isn’t just limited to Maileon users—it’s a strategy that can be applied universally. Consulting with your current platform or software provider whether email or data management or other, consider asking them for a recommendation, it might lead you to the most suitable marketing partners.


Email marketing agency essentials

When it comes to email marketing, not all agencies are created equal. Some may offer a wide range of platforms, while others specialise in a particular service. Before making your choice, clarify your needs regarding email marketing goals, the types of emails you wish to send, the frequency, and the extent of automation required. Whether you’re looking for a partner to manage large campaigns or someone to assist with regular newsletters, understanding your platform needs is crucial.

Choosing Your Platform

What’s your vision? Consider your goals carefully. Do you want to run highly personalised campaigns? You might need a particular integration with one or more of your existing systems. If you’re looking at running large campaigns but still want to keep your hands on the wheel for your newsletters, make sure your agency can accommodate this. Your choice of platform will significantly influence the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.


Remember, the journey to finding the right marketing partner is as important as the destination. It’s about finding a partner that not only understands your needs, but also shares your enthusiasm for what’s possible. With the right partner, your email marketing can become a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, driving engagement, and boosting conversion. Take your time, be thorough, and choose a partner that truly matches your ambitions. Your future self will thank you.




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