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Connect Gambio and Maileon through integration.

About Gambio

Gambio is a flexible shop system with a wide range of functions. Developed in Germany, it meets all the requirements for legal compliance and is used by both small and large businesses and agencies.

Gambio has many plugins and extensions and can also be used for multilingual online shops. Here Gambio has a checkout process that allows different currencies as well as tax rates.

Advantages of integrating with Gambio

With a Gambio integration, the website product data can be used automatically within your emails. This can be used in combination with our Recommendation Engine for individual product recommendations within your campaigns. Automatic product takeover saves you valuable time when creating your email communications, allowing you to focus more on building and expanding your customer loyalty. With the help of merge tags, important product information such as images, descriptions, prices, and much more can be integrated into your email campaigns.


An overview of the benefits

  • Easy configuration & synchronisation
  • Automatic transfer of product data from your website
  • Customised email campaigns & marketing automation
  • Individual offers based on the customer’s preferences through the recommendation engine
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