Maileon vs Measuremail

It’s not really about finding the best (email) marketing automation software out there, it’s about finding the one that best suits your company and goals.  

That’s why you’ll find the comparison of Maileon vs. Measuremail here. Compare features like marketing automation, privacy, integrations, audience management, reviews, price and more. To help you make the right choice, we’ve listed the main differences in privacy, integrations, contact management, marketing automation, reviews, contract options and costs below.


Maileon is a more complete platform, for a better price 

Maileon has been around for 18 years and is a very complete email marketing automation platform. Maileon offers more features and options than Measuremail, and has a better price.  

Privacy, security & deliverability

Maileon offers slightly more in terms of privacy, security and deliverability.  

Maileon is built according to strict German regulations and goes beyond what is necessary to be AVG or GDPR-proof. For example, it is possible to disable user tracking on an individual level. Financials, educational institutions and governments often choose Maileon for this reason. 

Option to disable user tracking at an individual level
Different consent levels
2-factor identification
Roles and rights adjustable at a detailed level
Dedicated deliverability team
Automatic spam trap detection
Data centres in the EU

Integrations & APIs

Maileon offers more than Measuremail in terms of integrations and API.  

With over 100+ standard integrations, Maileon offers the possibility of a complete and custom MarTech stack, without you having to pay more. Thanks to the extensive API and the possibility to enrich and return data via webhooks, our software is often chosen by companies dealing with certain data complexity. For example, publishers and larger e-commerce players.

E-commerce systems
App/ Web
REST API and API calls

Contacts and templates

In terms of contacts & templates, Maileon offers more than Measuremail, for example through automatically personalised send-out time (AI) and Google AMP. But also through web tracking, a QR/barcode generator, and more. Because of this, many innovative and technological parties choose Maileon for its software. 

A/B Testing
Drip Campaigns
Dynamic Content
Image Library
List Management
Mobile optimised emails
Automatic personalised sending time
Real-time reporting and analytics
Subscriber Management
Template Management
Drag and Drop Email Editor
Responsive design
Template library
HTML editor
AMP for email
QR/Barcode generator
Automatic RSS feeds
Surfing behaviour tracking

Marketing automation   

In terms of marketing automation, Maileon and Measuremail are quite similar. However, Maileon does offer more advanced segmentation options.

Drag and drop marketing automation campaign editor
Unlimited number of workflows
Triggers and filters
Branching workflows Time-based automations
Behaviour-based automations
Lead scoring
Advanced segmentation
Dynamic landing pages / surveys /forms etc


Maileon and Measuremail cannot be compared based on reviews. 

When it comes to reviews by Capterra, one of the leading software comparison sites, Maileon scores an overall score of 4.6 (out of 5), Measuremail doesn’t have any reviews on Capterra yet. 


Contract options

In terms of contract options, Maileon offers more flexibility, like the possibility to not only choose a contract for one or multiple years, but also for shorter periods.



Annual costs 

Maileon has a better price model than Measuremail. 

Based on the calculation example above, Maileon offers more platform, for a better price compared to Measuremail.  

The annual costs do not include the one-off set-up costs. In this calculation example, we assume 10 users, 250,000 contacts, 10 million emails and 5 million API calls per year. Including a connection to Magento and the use of a landing page builder. 

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