Connect Maileon & WordPress

Integrate WordPress with Maileon’s email marketing tool in just a few steps and benefit from powerful cross-system functions proven to boost customer loyalty and increase conversion.

About WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system that allows easy and fast creation of websites and blogs as well as management of multimedia content.

A great advantage of WordPress is its high usability. Thanks to the WYSIWYG editor, users without programming knowledge can create visually appealing websites in just a few steps and maintain content easily. Furthermore, it has a variety of plugins and themes that make this CMS system highly flexible and customisable.

Maileon marketing & WordPress

Legally compliant email marketing with Maileon’s WordPress integration: With our AddressCheck© sign-up forms in your system, you’re always on the safe side when generating new email signups.

Benefit from validating new email addresses in real-time to avoid losing leads. New signups transfer seamlessly to the Maileon email marketing tool, so you can immediately welcome subscribers with automatic customised marketing.

The connection offers you innovative tools and the widest range of options to create a flawless marketing automation experience.


Why connect Maileon with WordPress?

Once you integrate Maileon into WordPress, your signups automatically sync with Maileon through our privacy-compliant registration forms.

Our AddressCheck© technology verifies email addresses before registration, preventing invalid signups. And our automated double opt-in process will save you precious time which you can devote to planning, executing and following up on your marketing activities.

With our GDPR information request feature, you can react immediately to data protection requests from your customers and provide detailed data information. Your existing contact database can be integrated into Maileon in just a few steps. Our dynamic content options make it simple to automatically integrate your online content into your emails.


Benefits for WordPress users

  • Simple configuration & synchronisation
  • Your subscriptions and opt-outs sync automatically
  • The data transfer is fully compliant with relevant data protection laws
  • Real-time email address verification
  • Send personalised offers to your customers
  • Product data transfers automatically to your website
  • Optimal deliverability through CSA certification and servers in Europe
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