A/B Testing: drive results with Maileon

Improve click-through rates and open rated with A/B testing.

Improve click-through rates and open rates with A/B testing 

A/B testing is the way to test the effectiveness of your email marketing activities. Do you want to measure and improve your marketing tactics? Start by A/B testing your way to success.  

What is A/B testing? It’s a method in email marketing where your target audience is sent a minimum of two variants of an email, with the intention of testing which one performs best. When A/B testing an email, your test target group is divided into two (or more) groups, each of which is sent a different variant of the email. This way the contents of your emails can be optimised and adapted to the response of the test groups. Easily increasing your open rates and click-through rates along the way.   

Setting up an A/B test

To start A/B testing, you’ll need the right email tool, and a considerable test group to send the 2 versions to. 

When applying this type of testing, you can try out many different variants. Consider, for example, different subject lines. Subscribers might be more inclined to click on one particular subject than another. Additionally, it may matter who the sender of the email is. Other possibilities are variations in the preview, content, promotion, send time or personalisation.  

Clear objectives lead to insightful results

In advance, it is important to determine what your objective is, and what test results you are looking for. This is usually the open rate or the click-through rate. Make sure to determine in advance how a winner is selected. Ask yourself: is it more important that people click on a particular call to action, or view something in the email itself? And while it is good to experiment with different elements, make sure you stick to testing out one variant at a time, to ensure you know what caused the increased or decreased results of your test.  

Set up for success

With the right software, testing can be easy. Maileon offers several functionalities supporting A/B split testing, allowing users to test many different elements, like subject line, sender, content, creatives and send times. With the possibility to test up to 10 versions for regular emails, you can figure out the best way to reach your audiences. Test one-off emails and automations alike. You can even set up an automated follow-up based on your test results.  

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