Personalised & dynamic content for effective campaigns

Improve open rates and reach your customers with personalised content in Maileon.

Improve open rates with personalised content 

Break through the clutter in your audience’s mailbox, with relevant, individualised content. 

By personalising email marketing campaigns to fit the interests of your audience, you can increase open rates and drive revenue. With personalisation, recipients receive emails that are targeted directly to them and contain relevant information, which makes it more likely that the messages will be opened and engaged with.  

Personalisation is key

There are different ways of personalising emails and they can vary in complexity. From using a subscriber’s name in the subject line to dynamic content based on the recipient’s gender, location, buying behaviour or data based on how they engage with your brand.  

Taking time to figure out what works for your specific business is essential. Retailers communicating with consumers will have very different needs than insurance companies doing the same. Yet, for both audiences, personalisation can support retention of the message and create desired engagement and action.  

Increase relevancy with dynamic content

Applying personalisation doesn’t have to stop at a small snippet of your email or subject line. You can make entire elements or emails completely dynamic with Maileon.

By using dynamic content and elements, you’re making entire offers, messages and more tailored to the recipient. This way the content which is the most relevant and appealing to them is shown, making it more likely for them to make a purchase.  

Patented technology

In Maileon there are multiple personalisation options, like dynamic text (for example for the subject line), dynamic content on context level (for example not showing the unsubscribe link when shared via social media), personalised images or even personalised sending time. Dynamic content is scalable due to patented technology and based on historical open, click and conversion data. Allowing you to reach your audience and your goals. 

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