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Update Contact By External ID

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Updates a contact. The body needs to provide a XML representation of the contact, in the easiest case an empty contact: . If the external ID is not unique, a 409 is returned.

The email should not be part of the body as it is passed as a URL (resource) element. If you want to set an external ID make sure to never set the email address in the body. Valid expression: 12345

PUT https://api.maileon.com/1.0/contacts/externalid/:value



Parameter Default Description
permission 1 Specifies the initial permission to be assigned to the contact.Please note: this is the initial permission that is assigned to the contact as soon as it is created. If a double-opt-in process is triggered, the permission is changed to DOI or DOI+ after the contact used the acknowledgement link in the DOI mailing. If the same contact is registered again after already acknowledging the DOI link (and thus, already has Permission 4 or 5) and you call this method with any other permission then 4 or 5 (less valuable), the permission will be ignored, since you already own a valid DOI(+) permission.
Further, if Permission 4 or 5 is already set and the account is set up not to send DOI mailings if there is already a DOI permission, no DOI mailing is triggered when creating the contact a second time.Supported values:
1: none
2: single opt-in
3: confirmed opt-in
4: double opt-in
5: double opt-in plus
6: other




PUT https://api.maileon.com/1.0/contacts/externalid/12345?permission=1&sync_mode=2&doi=true&doiplus=true
Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8




Status: 201 Created